Feel Fabulous On Mother’s Day!

Feel Fabulous On Mother's Day

Treat your Mum to a wonderfully relaxing Facial Reflexology session for Mother’s Day and get a FREE Neal’s Yard Organic Geranium & Orange Soap gift. (While Stock’s Last).

During a Facial Reflexology treatment I use an Organic Rose Facial Oil or Frankincense Facial Oil.  Benefits Of Facial Reflexology include:

  • Promotes the Production of New Skin Tissue.
  • Improves Skin Tone.
  • Releases Emotional Stress from the Face
  • Feel and Look Good, with a Natural Glow!

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I look forward to treating you!

Jane x


International Women’s Day! Eunice Ingham; The Mother Of Reflexology

To Celebrate International Women’s Day I Thought I Would Introduce To You
Eunice Ingham, affectionately known as The Mother Of Reflexology.


Eunice Ingham was born in South Dakota in 1889 and went on to work as a physiotherapist for Dr Joe Shelby Riley. Dr Riley was very interested in some work that a colleague, Dr Fitzgerald has published on the subject of zone therapy. Eunice Ingham took time to research and develop the zone therapy findings and developed her foot theory in the early 1930’s.

Eunice spent many hours probing the feet, finding tender spots and equating them to the anatomy of the body. She then began working on people’s feet, using her thumb and fingers to push and prod. She became so convinced with the benefits of this treatment that she planned to write a book and travel throughout the USA to talk about health seminars.

Eunice’s life-long goal was to help mankind as much as we are able, whenever possible and wherever we might be.

In 1938, Eunice published her first book “Stories the feet can tell” which very quickly spread the word about the benefits of Reflexology. Eunice became very well known and travelled the world attending health seminars where she spoke with medical practitioners about her therapy. In latter years she was joined by her nephew, Dwight Byers.

Eventually, Dwight took over the teaching seminars and established the International Institute of Reflexology, to protect Eunice’s original writings, worldwide.

In December 1974, Eunice passed over at the age of 85 years. She had dedicated her life to helping others and was totally committed to the benefits of Reflexology.

Text was copied from The Institute Of Reflexology‘s Website.

Jane has been a Reflexologist for 15 years and is experienced with helping people with stress and anxiety.  She also works with Maternity clients.

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Feeling Stressed? Try Reflexology!

We all experience Stress at some point in our lives, some more than others. So what is Stress and how can Reflexology help those who live with it’s symptoms?


Stress is a physiological reaction in the body which results in physical and emotional changes in the body.

If you are in a state of stress, your emotional response may include feelings of fear, terror, anger, helplessness, anxiety, panic and overwhelm amongst others.

Your physical stress response may manifest in the form of many symptoms.  They may be  associated with conditions including insomnia, digestive conditions such as IBS, fertility or  menstrual issues and other hormone related problems. Neck or back pain and non specific aches and pains.

The main aim of Reflexology  is to reduce symptoms of physical and emotional stress.  It is a non invasive complementary therapy and can work well with diseases that have an adverse affect on the body.

It is advisable to commit to a course of 6 treatments.  This way you will notice a greater difference in your health than if you book in for the occasional treatment.  Reflexology will encourage deep relaxation, stimulate your body’s own healing processes and help you return to a state of balance and well being.

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