Feeling Stressed? Try Reflexology!

We all experience Stress at some point in our lives, some more than others. So what is Stress and how can Reflexology help those who live with it’s symptoms?


Stress is a physiological reaction in the body which results in physical and emotional changes in the body.

If you are in a state of stress, your emotional response may include feelings of fear, terror, anger, helplessness, anxiety, panic and overwhelm amongst others.

Your physical stress response may manifest in the form of many symptoms.  They may be  associated with conditions including insomnia, digestive conditions such as IBS, fertility or  menstrual issues and other hormone related problems. Neck or back pain and non specific aches and pains.

The main aim of Reflexology  is to reduce symptoms of physical and emotional stress.  It is a non invasive complementary therapy and can work well with diseases that have an adverse affect on the body.

It is advisable to commit to a course of 6 treatments.  This way you will notice a greater difference in your health than if you book in for the occasional treatment.  Reflexology will encourage deep relaxation, stimulate your body’s own healing processes and help you return to a state of balance and well being.

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